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We own 3.040 hectares of olive groves in the  municipal Term are of Deifontes and surronding area, of which 1.842 hectares are equipped with an autocompensated drip fertilization-irrigation system under one control and management and the  rest of which is unirrigated. The  is 378.153 olive trees the maority of which are of either the picual or marteño varieties. 

We belive that quality starts in the field, and after careful growth, there follows the gathering of the crop according to the degree  of ripeness in each area; the only olives picked are those on the trees and never the ones that have fallen on the ground. They are then transported in perfet condition for treatment in our modern installations.

We carry out Research and development (R & D) proects, specifically concerning ecological agriculture in the olive industry, aware off the fact that agricultural development must always be in harmony with nature. The Company is registered with the Andaluz Committe of Ecological Agriculture (CAAE).

We have model installations where we work only with the best olives that we have harvested from our trees. Our installations cover an area of 22.000 square metres of which the most relevant production area is reception, cleaning and weighing which is completely automatic with a daily olive intake with a daily olive intake capacity of 300 metric tons.

The healthy olives, like any other fruit, are separated rom any impurities and are selected according to quality; they are then moved on to the production area itself which has a daily potencial capacity of 400 mt. The olives are crushed, on the same day they are harvested, by means of crushing mills and are made into a paste which is beaten and homogenised at a temperature which is constanthy below 30ºC. It then goes through the centriffugre process where the virgin olive oil is separated from the remainimg subproducts, solid and liquid waste (alpeoruo), by means of totally physical processes.

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