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Apart from our human resources, we have the appropriate means of filtration, bottling, labeling, packaging and preparing our product with a daily capacity of 20.000 litres. The consumer always receives the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil under our four registrered names: AMBROSIA, COPROVIR, ECOVIR Y FUENTES DE DIOS.

In our constant attempt to improve and to provide our customers with the very best service, this Co-operative in conjunction with other companies, has set up the Denomination of Origin "Montes de Granada" and Agropecuario Granadina S.C.A. de segundo grado. 

The aim of the former is to guarantee and certify the origin, quality and category of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The latter is intended to establish the production criteria, the quality and common standards of out product on the market, concentrating the supply and graranteeing delivery to our customers all year.

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